Insuring the Supply Chain

In today’s global market, wholesalers and distributors have to be able to respond quickly to changes in the industry in which they operate. Making sure operations run smoothly and the flow of information is uninterrupted is a key function for wholesalers and distributors. Having an insurance agent who keeps abreast of the viable market changes in that field is crucial. We have that capability through our unique relationships with our insurers who are competitive in wholesale and distribution businesses.



Business Insurance is not simple – if you do it right!


Insurance for Wholesalers

Foreign Liability

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Specialty Providers

Food Distributors
Office Supply Distributors
Beverage Distributors
Baked Goods Distributors
Heating & Air Conditioning Distributors
Appliance Distributors
Lighting Distributors
Electrical Component Distributors

Electrical Wholesaler
Flower Wholesaler
Hardware Wholesaler
Furniture Wholesaler
Auto Parts Wholesaler

Electrical Suppliers


The Hartford
Wholesale Brochure (PDF)

State Auto
Distributor Brochure (PDF)

Commercial Distributors (PDF)

EMC Insurance
Choice Wholesalers Brochure (PDF)

Wholesalers & Distributors Differentiators (PDF)

Summit Holdings
Introduction to Summit (PDF)

Texas Mutual
Why Texas Mutual (PDF)
Why Workers’ Compensation (PDF)