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My unique approach to acquiring business insurance focuses on positioning you and your business to be as attractive as possible to insurance providers. This begins by understanding your personal risk tolerance, followed by analyzing your business in detail. This allows me to assist you in presenting your business as best-in-class, so that you earn best-in-class premiums, terms, and conditions.

Houston Business Insurance is a commercial insurance agency with a legacy of providing property and casualty insurance for commercial businesses of all sizes. Our client base includes companies from the energy industry, technology industry, healthcare industry, construction industry, retail industry, and more. For a complete industry list, please visit Industries Served.

Why Houston Business Insurance? We don’t cut corners. At Houston Business Insurance, we believe in creating long-term relationships with our clients, and our core service goal is to handle your business as a priority.

With over 50 years of combined experience in the property and casualty insurance industry, the professionals at Houston Business Insurance have developed strategic relationships with numerous insurance carriers, enabling us to do the legwork by shopping the market for the insurance company best suited to your business needs.

The bottom line is our focus is on you. We will always try to address your questions and concerns quickly and accurately, returning calls the same day whenever possible. Our service doesn’t end once a policy is purchased. We will be here to assist you throughout the life of your policy, making changes to your coverage or issuing certificates and proof of insurance documents when needed. When it’s time to renew, we will be here making sure that happens. Here at Houston Business Insurance, we understand that only through our hard work and integrity can we maintain the trust of our clients.



Houston Business Insurance is also proud to be a member of AssuredPartners, an alliance of independently owned agencies throughout the United States that, combined, generate over $1 billion in annual revenues.

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  • If we are renting a car out of state, will our current Texas Workers’ Comp cover our employees in those cars?

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