Coverage Built to Last

When it comes to insuring projects, we don’t cut corners. For general contractors and/or sub-contractors, having an insurance agent who keeps abreast of the viable markets within the construction industry is critical. We have that capability through our unique relationships with our insurers, who are competitive in construction businesses.


Business Insurance is not simple – if you do it right!


Insurance for Contractors

Surety Bonds

Workers’ Compensation

Businesses Served

Special Trade Contractors

Heating & Air Conditioning Services
Fence Installation
Commercial Carpentry
Commercial Framing
Painting & Paperhanging
Dry Wall
Terrazzo Contractors
Cut Stone & Stone Products
Carpet & Floor Laying
Communication Equipment Installation
Power Washers
Sheet Metal Work
Furniture & Fixtures Installation

General Contractors
1) Self perform minimum of 25 percent
2) Use only sub-contractors who carry appropriate insurance coverage
Heavy Trade Contractors

Street & Road
Grading of Land & Site Preparation
Bridge Construction
Utility Construction
Pipeline Installation
Hotel Construction
Assisted Living Center Construction
Concrete Construction
Apartment Building Construction
Driveways, Sidewalks, & Parking Areas
Cable Installation & Repair
Tower erection including wind turbines
Roofing Contractors
Boiler Installation & Repair
Industrial Piping

Preferred Providers

General Contractors (PDF)
Electrical Contractors (PDF)
Swimming Pool Contractors (PDF)
Highway Street & Road (PDF)
Utility Contractors (PDF)  
The Hartford
Construction Brochure (PDF)
State Auto
Contractor Plus Texas (PDF)
Artisan Contractor (PDF)
General Contractor (PDF)
EMC Insurance
Construction Safety Services (PDF)
Liberty Mutual
Construction Brochure (PDF)
Contractor Brochure (PDF)
Electrical Contractor (PDF)
Plumbing & Mechanical (PDF)
Contractor Brochure (PDF)
General Contractors (PDF)
Bridge Contractors (PDF)
Concrete Contractors (PDF)
Excavation Contractors (PDF)
Masonry Contractors (PDF)
Street Road & Highway (PDF)
Underground Utility (PDF)
Tile Contractors (PDF)

Specialty Providers

Construction (PDF)
Roofing (PDF)
Heavy Construction (PDF)  
Summit Holdings
Introduction to Summit (PDF)
Texas Mutual
Why Texas Mutual (PDF)
Why Workers’ Compensation (PDF)