Coverage for the Oil & Gas Industry

As the global demand for energy increases, so do the opportunities within the industry. With new opportunities, come complex technical challenges and risks to people, property, and profits. No matter what aspect of the oil and gas industry the business is in, it is critical that the business’ insurance agent keeps abreast of the viable markets within that field. We have that capability through our unique relationships with our insurers, who are active in oil and gas operations.



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Oil & Gas Insurance


Pollution Liability

Foreign Insurance

Businesses Served

Oil & Gas

Oil Field Equipment-Repairing
Mud Jacking Contractors
Oil Field Specialties
Oil Inspectors
Oil Field Services
Oil Well Cementing
Oil Well Casting-Pulling
Oil Well Drilling – Mud & Additives
Oil Well Surveyors
Oil Well Logging & Perforating
Oil Well Testing
Oil Well Services
Pipeline Inspections
Wireline Services
Oil Well Chemical Services
Offshore Platforms/Oil
Gas Well Servicing
Oil & Gas Well Plugging
Oil Extraction Downhole
Oil Well Wired Line Service
Oil Field Maintenance
Oil Well Compressor – SVC
Oil Well Solids Control
Well Maintenance Service
Oil & Gas Field Training
Oil Well Pumping Contractors
Oil Field Welding
Pipe Testing
Oil Tanks Repairing & Removal
Oil & Gas Field Service NEC
Site Preparation
Salt Water Haulers
Frac Sand Haulers
Fencing and Dirt Work

Preferred Providers

Texas Alliance of Energy Producers

The Texas Alliance of Energy Producers represents the interests of the oil and gas industry at both the state and federal level. It is the largest independent oil and gas association in the nation. The Texas Alliance of Energy Producers programs listed below are for members only. To learn more about how to become a member of the following Alliance Programs click here to be redirected to their website.
One Star Insurance Solutions, LLC
Control of Well program, Care, Custody, and Control Coverage, Oil Field Property, Rig Physical Damage, and Upstream Equipment
Texas Mutual Insurance Company
Texas Alliance of Energy Producers Worker’s Compensation Safety Group
Bitco Insurance Company
Offers Property, General Liability, Business Auto, Oil Lease Property, and Umbrella Liability
One Star Insurance Solutions, LLC / Cover Holder at LLoyds
Excess Coverage (Umbrella) Program for any General Liability and Business Auto policy

Specialty Providers

Texas Alliance of Energy Producers
Bitco Insurance Company
One Star Insurance Solutions, LLC
Introduction to 1Star (PDF)
Texas Mutual
Why Texas Mutual (PDF)
Why Workers’ Compensation (PDF)