Coverage for the Oil & Gas Industry

As the global demand for energy increases, so do the opportunities within the industry. With new opportunities, come complex technical challenges and risks to people, property, and profits. No matter what aspect of the oil and gas industry the business is in, it is critical that the business’ insurance agent keeps abreast of the viable markets within that field. We have that capability through our unique relationships with our insurers, who are active in oil and gas operations.



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Oil & Gas Insurance


Pollution Liability

Foreign Insurance

Businesses Served

Oil & Gas

Air Pollution Control
Boiler Installation, Sales, Servicing and Repairs
Computers and Information Technology
Distributor of Water Treatment Systems, Filtration
Engineering Consulting for Oil and Gas
Environmental Consulting
Manufacturing or Wholesale of Filters, Filter Cartridges, for Water
Motor Control Panel Manufacturing, Sales, Installation
Oil & Gas Field Training
Oil and Gas Consulting
Oil Field Maintenance
Oil Field Services
Oil Inspectors
Oil Well Surveyors
Pipeline Inspection
Pipeline locating
Pipeline Maintenance
Regulatory Compliance
Site Preparation
Tank or Pipelines cleaning
Vibration Monitoring Equipment Manufacturing, Sales, Services
Waste Water Treatment

Preferred Providers

Travelers Insurance Company
Liberty International Underwriters
Texas Mutual
Accident Fund Insurance Company
State Auto for Commercial Auto

Specialty Providers

International Marine Underwriters
Everest Indemnity Insurance Company
Scottsdale Insurance Company
Admiral Insurance Company
Evanston Insurance Company
Crum & Forster Insurance Company