Operating over/near the water, or in shipyards, is risky for your workers, for your business, and for you. Shipyards may be fully aware that marine insurance is needed, but do contractors working on vessels or in shipyards understand that they need marine insurance?

Not having the proper Federal Worker’s Compensation Insurance can potentially expose business owners to
1) Criminal Penalties including imprisonment;
2) Significant monetary claims from injured employees that will not be covered by State Act Worker’s Compensation Insurance
3) Significant Legal Fees not covered by insurance

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What about the proper combination of Marine Liability coverages?
1) Marine General Liability versus the traditional General Liability
2) Ship Repairer’s Legal Liability
3) Traveling Workmen Coverage
4) Over-water Pollution Liability (absolute versus sudden and accidental)
5) Waterborne equipment coverage


Business Insurance is not simple – if you do it right!


Overwater Insurance


Pollution Liability


Foreign Insurance


Businesses Served

Anchor and related sales, service, and installation
Appliance sales and installation
Boiler Installation, Service and Repairs
Brake shops
Cable Installation & Repairs
Carpentry, tile, stainless steel
Carpet Installation
Cleaning Services (Ship Cleaning, Janitorial, Cargo)
Communications Equipment
Crane installation and service
Diesel repair and installation
Electric motors sales, rebuilding, and service
Electrical contractors
Electronics sales, installation, and service (radar, sonar, marine radio)
Entertainment systems sales, installation, and service
Fire extinguisher sales and service
Fire suppression system sales, Service and installation
First Aid Equipment and Supply companies
Flooring Companies
Food Catering
Furniture & Fixture Installation
Gangway Rental
Glass Companies
High pressure hoses (hydraulic, steam, etc.)
Hull and Zinc Anode Cleaners
Hydraulic service, sales, installation, repair (Pumps & CylindersHoses)
Kitchen counters
Lighting sales (remote operated spotlights, for instance, for marine use)
Machine shops (build a variety of replacement parts, add-ons, etc.)
Marine Architects and Marine Engineers
Marine Electronics sales, installation, and service (radar, sonar, marine radio)
Mechanics – Transmission, Gears, Bearing, Brakes
Plumbers and plumbing supply
Power Washing
Pump Companies – sales, installation, service
Radios, GPS, radar and other electronic sales and installation
Repair parts sales and installation
Restroom additions or remodeling
ROV Pilots, maintenance techs
Ship Chandler (Groceries Arranging)
Specialized lighting
Transmission shops
Winch sales, installation, and service

Preferred Providers

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Ocean Cargo (PDF)
Crum and Forster
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Ocean Marine (PDF)
Summary (PDF)
Liberty International
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Marine Liabilities (PDF)
Ocean Cargo Insurance (PDF)
Marine Business Owner’s Policy (PDF)
Marine Hull & Ship Builder’s Risk (PDF)
Chubb Marine
Marine Liability (PDF)
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Marine Construction (PDF)
Marine Liability (PDF)
Marine Transportation (PDF)
Marine Services (PDF)
Marinas & Boat Dealers (PDF)
The Hartford
Ocean Cargo (PDF)

Specialty Providers

Marine (PDF)
Hull & Company
Marine Programs (PDF)
Yacht Programs (PDF)
Docks Piers Flyer (PDF)
Texas Mutual
Why Texas Mutual (PDF)
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