Covering Professionals

Professionals face challenges unique to their own profession. No matter what type of professional service is being offered, it is critical that that firms’ insurance agent keeps abreast of the viable markets in that field. We have that capability through our unique relationships with our insurers who are active in insuring professional services businesses.


Business Insurance is not simple – if you do it right!


Insurance for Professionals


Professional Liability

Cyber Liability

Businesses Served

Architecture & Engineering Firms
Accounting, Auditing, Bookkeeping
Tutoring Services
Interior Decorators
Lawyers & Law Firms
Employment Agencies
Tax Preparation Services
Web-Based Services
Media Services

Advertisers/Advertising Agencies
Public Relations Firms
Graphic Designers
Management Consulting Services

Healthcare Consultants
Oil & Gas Consultants
Computer Consultants
HR Consultants

Preferred Providers

Architects & Designers (PDF)
Lawyers Program (PDF)
The Hartford
Lawyers (PDF)
Employed Lawyer Liability (PDF)
Accountant Flyer (PDF)
Professional Liability Brochure (PDF)
Professional Classifications (PDF)
Service Classifications (PDF)
Philadelphia Insurance
Mgmt & Professional Liability (PDF)
Accountants (PDF)
Misc. Professionals (PDF)
Accountants (PDF)
Design Professionals (PDF)
Lawyers (PDF)
Real Estate Professionals (PDF)
Misc. Professional Liability (PDF)
Specified Professions (PDF)

Specialty Providers

Ames & Gough
Summit Holdings
Introduction to Summit (PDF)
Texas Mutual
Why Texas Mutual (PDF)
Why Workers’ Compensation (PDF)