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Construction Bonds - Bid, Performance, Payment, Maintenance
  • Commercial Property Developer Municipal Subdivision or Maintenance
  • Concrete
  • Industrial Plants
  • Release of Liens
  • Road & Street
  • Shipyards
  • Site Preparation
  • Underground Utilities
  • Wharves- docks and dry-docks
Specialty Contractors Bond
  • Audio Visual or Communications
  • Cellular Boosting Towers
  • Janitorial
  • Maintenance
  • Retro Fit Lighting
  • Signal & Traffic Services
  • Surveillance Equipment
Government Let Contracts Bonds
  • DOD
  • GSA
  • Houston Port Authority
  • US Army Corp of Engineers
8A Qualified Contractors Bonds
  • Oil & Gas Performance, Drilling, Plugging and Abandonment
  • Oil & Gas Seismic Exploration, Right of Way
  • Performance Bonds for Oil and Gas Marketers
  • Underground/Above Ground Fuel Storage Tanks
Any Other Bonds - U.S. States and Canada



Bonded Backlog at Capacity

Problem: Contractor was awarded a vital contract but bond backlog was at capacity

Solution: A “back-up” surety option was designed and the bond approved. The Contractor was able to perform the job.

Complicated city and county bond requirements

Problem: Family-run business needed to place three subdivision bonds for the city when the projects were over 40% complete.

Solution: An in-depth analysis of the financials, available references, and key indemnities enabled placement of the bonds in 5 days.

Financial Guarantee Performance Bonds in an uncertain economy

Problem: Commercial Assisted Living & Nursing Care owner was faced with multiple bond needs with history of negative retained earnings. They were facing surety cancellation and declines.

Solution: An in-depth review and onsite visit afforded bonding capacity with acceptable collateral support.

Liens on projects can stop your stream of income cold

Problem: Contractor-Owned  project was halted when an unqualified subcontractor was fired and then filed a Mechanics Lien. A Bond of Lien must be filed at county court to avoid critical delay of property sale.

Solution: A comprehensive explanation of options gave the client the tools needed to proceed and file the required bond within 5 days.

Oil and Gas Asset Purchases require major venture capital, but are facilitated by a Performance Bond

Problem: An oil and gas operator struck a deal with an asset owner for a multi-lease buyout. Seller required $4,000,000 performance bond at closing.

Solution: A skilled review of reserve reports, audited financials, and the terms of sale made placing this 7 year bond commitment happen.