Insuring Innovation

At record speeds, technology companies are developing cutting edge products and services that improve people’s lives. It is critical that those technology companies’ insurance agents keep abreast of the insurance availability at a similar pace. We have that capability through our unique relationship with our insurers, who are competitive in technology businesses.


Business Insurance is not simple – if you do it right!

Technology Insurance

Cyber Liability

Foreign Insurance

Businesses Served


Wired Communications Carriers
Satellite Data Communications
Ethernet Providers
VoIP Telecommunication Providers
Telecommunications Resellers
Wireless Data Telecommunications
Telephone & Networking Providers
Information Technology

Network and Server Application
Consumer Software Application
Data Storage
Web Developers and Designers
Hosting Services & Web Services
E-commerce Enablers
Computer Repair and Maintenance
IT Staffing
System Designers & System Integrators
Sustainability Analysis and Consulting
Network Architecture
Medical Technology

X-Ray, Ultrasound, and MRI Machines
Heart Monitors & Blood Pressure Monitors
Endoscopes, Drills, and Implants
Surgical Instruments
Diagnostic Test Kits
Veterinary Instruments and Technology
Dental Instruments and Technologies
Suction Cup Equipment
Electronic Manufacturing

Robots & Industrial Lasers
Automated Printing Machines
Semiconductor Manufacturing Machines
Mainframe Computers & PCs
Network Servers
Keyboards, Monitors, and Printers Microchips & Circuit Boards
Data Storage Devices
Infrared Cameras
Flow Meters & Precision Scales
Vibration-Sensing Equipment
Electron Microscopes
Centrifuges, Gauges, and Spectrometers

Provider Brochures

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Telecommunications (PDF)
The Hartford
Electronic Manufacturing (PDF)
Software & IT Buyers (PDF)
Telecommunications (PDF)
Medical Equipment (PDF)
Summit Holdings
Introduction to Summit (PDF)
Texas Mutual
Why Texas Mutual (PDF)
Why Workers’ Compensation (PDF)